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ARK-TIK can create many types of website from an ecommerce to art gallery type. All are different types of websites.

The cost of a website depends on the content and style of website, the more hours worked puts the price higher.

ARK-TIK can do a one page site, simple yet effective with your own unique style.

Prices start at £60 for a more simple one page style with details of your business, the more detail that is added and pages the more the price.

This all includes being added to google.

The standard website would cost you £9 a month for it to be hosted online or cheaper with a year subscription. 

You would also have control of the website when it is online, being able to log in and edit in real time, adding to or changing any aspect of the website.

Your website address and email can be from £5+ each year, depending on what type you use.

There are 1000's of special effects that can be added to your website and design idea's to make it uniquely yours.