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Here at ARK-TIK we create unique websites for clients globally.

Totally one off designs especially tailored to the client.

Amazing websites with your own style, it can be a business website or hobby website, created for anything to show globally with .com, and many other styles of website address.

With our styles you can have a fully artistic video background with real time special effects added. Very professional.

The great thing for the client is if you want to edit anything anytime yourself, you have full access to the website tools and can change anything you want with a simple click.

For a basic one webpage website with your business/hobby details and logo, back ground with special effects the cheapest price is £100, on top of that you have the cost of your website address, monthly hosting cost of £9 unless you pay yearly then it is cheaper, extra for email, email deals you can get for an average £5+ a year. Prices can vary up the board with new cheap deals every now and again, depends on the companies who sell these and their unique offers.

Make your website totally unique globally with your own fully tweaked video background for your web pages. Truly stand out amongst the crowd of the internet highway with your own styled background no one on Earth will have on their own website, guaranteed to really look the part in this digital age. 

To see your own design created and running is wonderful, your background can also be updated anytime, want to adjust it? make it longer? add even more effects? It's all very simple, ARK-TIK has an offer on now for a fully created video background at the price of £25! yes very cheap for your customized webpage background at standard 1080p quality. 4k quality is charged at a higher price. The video background is 1 minute long.      Contact ARK-TIK for any questions.



Unlimited styles​.

Special effects.

Business email, editing tools.